Your partner for composites testing

With over 40 years of materials and thermal analysis experience, Willow Analytical’s personnel are able to make full use of our scientific instrument range to offer an extremely extensive characterisation service to companies in the composites industry. Techniques available include: Thermal properties analysis, including: Thermal expansion Specific heat capacity Thermal conductivity Thermal degradation/decomposition Material strength … More Your partner for composites testing

Thermal Methods Group: Diffused Wave Spectroscopy for Rheology

Nick Hawkins will be presenting at the forthcoming Thermal Methods Group meeting at NPL on the 9th and 10th November.  Details on the meeting can be seen here The talk will focus on innovative applications possible in rheological measurements using the LS Instruments Rheolab III  The following is an abstract from the presentation: Diffusing Wave … More Thermal Methods Group: Diffused Wave Spectroscopy for Rheology

DWS Rheolab installed in Oxford

We’re pleased to announce successful installation and training for a new LS Instruments DWS Rheolab at the laboratories at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Oxford University. The DWS RheoLab is a compact stand-alone instrument that allows optical rheology based on Diffusing Wave Spectroscopy (DWS) in a wide range of systems such as dispersions, slurries, … More DWS Rheolab installed in Oxford