As well as offering a wide range of techniques for contract material characterisation we are able to also offer extended services in wide range of ways in the field of thermal analysis and TA thermal analysers, including:

Thermal Analysis Services

We provide a wide range of support services to the Thermal Analysis community at affordable, reasonable prices. We understand that the level and frequency of support you receive is paramount to you having confidence in the operation and performance of the instrumentation you use and ultimately in the quality of the data that you generate. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a reliable, affordable, high quality level of support in the following areas;

  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • Calibration and Laboratory Services
  • Training Services
  • Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Support Via Telephone and E-mail


Training Services

Willow Analytical offer a range of training services for the core Thermal Analysis Techniques. We have courses suited for beginners in the field to those that have a solid understanding and would like to get acquainted with the more advanced techniques such as Modulated DSC and Hi-Resolution TGA.  Training in Thermal Analysis is a process which requires time and experience to understand important aspects such as calibration, sample preparation, methodology, data analysis and interpretation. We offer a wide range of courses and are always happy to run more bespoke training and courses based on requirements and needs.

Basic Training Courses for DSC, TGA, TMA, DMA, & Simultaneous TGA-DSC (1 Day on-site)

Advanced Training Courses:  Modulated DSC, Hi-Resolution TGA, Modulated TMA (1 Day on-site)

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis: Instrument Operation, Methodology, Data Analysis (1 Day on-site)

Bespoke Courses designed with you to cover the nature of your application(s). (1 Day on-site)

Data Analysis CourseHow to Analyse and present data using Universal Analysis (1/2 Day on-site). 



We provide high quality service and support activities in a range of areas at reasonable prices.  Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to discuss your requirements and to develop a program that is suitable and cost effective for you.


Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts give piece of mind that your instrument is working to specification. We provide a comprehensive maintenance service for TA Instruments Q series and 2000/2900 series analysers and accessories. All aspects are covered including cleaning, alignment, full calibration, certification and a full maintenance report. Additionally, we will provide calibration training during a visit.



Calibration Services

Regular calibration of your Instrument is essential to ensure that the data you generate is reliable and accurate. We can provide a certified calibration service (using traceable standards) at a frequency of your choice to guarantee optimum performance for the long term. We will also provide calibration training with this service should this be required at no additional charge.


Other Support Services

Willow Analytical provide a number of unique services and products that you may be interested in. These include;

Telephone & e-mail technical support

Instrument relocation and Installation

Risk assessments (word templates) DSC/TGA/DMA